Only IE doesn't work
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Internet works everywhere but IE.

On a friend's computer, the Internet works everywhere but Internet Explorer. All other programs, from Firefox to SpyBot's updater, work fine. I tried uninstalling IE7, and the IE6 copy it reverted back to worked fine. But after I reinstalled IE7, it stopped working again. What could be causing this?
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Response by poster: Also: Clicking "Diagnose Connection Problems" on the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" screen runs the "Network Diagnostics for Windows XP" application, which finds no problems with HTTP and HTTPS, but can't use FTP.
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Check your proxy settings. Im assuming he should have none.

When it does this are you able to use windows update by setting it to automatically download updates? Did you manage to install these updates?

Did you check access restrictions on any firewall software? Including the default firewall?
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Response by poster: Proxy settings are clear, as they should be and are in Firefox. Automatic updates are on and have been for months. I don't see anything in the Windows Firewall settings that would block IE. Also, turning off the firewall has no effect. There is no other firewall software running on the computer.
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Response by poster: Also, when I chose to reactive previously ignored updates on the automatic updates control panel, it did download and install an update.
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Hmm. Uninstall any toolbars or add ons. Also try disabling all add-ons in IE from tools > manage addons (or whatever its called in IE7).
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Response by poster: There are no toolbars installed. Disabling all add-ons does nothing.
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Response by poster: Also: I ran Adaware and Spybot, removed everything, re-ran both, found nothing. CWShredder also came up with two hits, but removed both, and re-running came up clean.
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1. Make sure the page that IE is attempting to open is available in another browser. Dumb, I know, but make sure the destination site is up.

2. Open a command prompt: Start...Run...enter CMD, click OK.
Type this command, then press enter: netsh winsock reset

Restart the PC.
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Response by poster: disclaimer: Yup, I can get to the sites I'm testing with in Firefox on the same system. Even after running that command and restarting, still nothing from IE.
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Is this PC running any third-party security software? If so disable all of it. Virus scanner too.

What is starting up? Use msconfig or autoruns for a better picture. Notice anything odd?

Can you get the command line ftp to work?

Does this connect to mozilla?


Can you ping

Is the DNS Client service running? It should be.

Failing that, Im not sure. Reinstall the network card or perhaps you should do a SFC /SCANNOW to make sure your windows install is good.
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Oh and do an IE reset.
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Response by poster: I can access the Mozilla FTP server from the command line and pinging Google works. IE reset didn't fix it.

The DNS Client service is running. These are the only checked entries on the msconfig startup tab, and they all appear legit:

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Response by poster: Ran SFC /SCANNOW, still no luck.
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Not having IE--that's a good thing right? IE tab extension for firefox; that's all you need
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uncballzer, since the IE Tab extension just runs IE embedded, then if IE doesn't work, IE Tab isn't going to either.
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Good for you.
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Is it in "Work Offline" mode?
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