Night Math on Elm Street
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I need to take night classes (mostly math) in NYC.

Specifically, I need to take Intro to Computer Programming, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus (or some other kind of calculus), and Calculus-based Prob Stat - I am applying to grad school for systems engineering. I live in the East Village in NYC. I would like to take classes this fall, if not too late, and this spring. Has anyone had good experiences with Cooper Union, NYU, or the CUNY system?
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I haven't taken math classes there, but my experience with NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies for other kinds of classes has been nothing but positive.
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I took undergrad stats at John Jay when I was a grad student there. My experience was excellent, the professor was really engaging and I thought I was a math idiot until I took that class. I wish I could remember his name.
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Well first things first - are you taking these to fill entrance requirements or are you taking these to refresh/update your skills as mere preparation?

If it's the first, I'd say make sure that your degree program accepts the credits from wherever you wind up taking the classes.

If it's the latter, you should look at a tutor ( any grad student from cooper or the courant institute would do ). Ideally you'd surf a few colleges sites ( such as MIT's OCS ) to get some textbook names and then try going at it yourself, filling in the holes with a tutor. It might wind up being much cheaper in the long run. ( A friend of mine did exactly this when he was going back for an engineering degree in prep to practice IP Law. )
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I don't know about NYU or Cooper, but if you want to take classes at CUNY this fall, you better get to a campus during business hours tomorrow, as that's the last day for late registration.
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