University of Graphic Design?
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What schools (colleges/universities) are good for graphic design in NYC?

I know almost nothing about the college world in graphic design

Two parts to this question... My cousin is looking for schools in graphic design in the NYC area. The only one she is aware of if the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

1. What other schools are good options for this field of study in the area?

2. Of these schools, which are kind to the student when it comes to financial aid packages?

Thanks so much in advance all!
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school of visual arts
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Cooper Union (and, free!)
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All of the above are good, and Cooper Union is known for giving full scholarships to every student. Of course that probably makes it hard to get in.
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NYU recently was ranked FIRST in terms of students dissatisfied with their financial aid award. Having said that, I went there (for another field) and love the place.
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Went to Cooper Union for engineering, which I guess is hard enough to get in for, but the Art program is ridiculously hard to get into. Admissions rates are in the single digits for that, I believe, and maybe even the low single digits. I also don't know how much it would be considered "graphic design" vs. "art school" if there's a difference to be recognized there.

Also, the free does not include living in Manhattan.
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Wow, It surprises me that NYU is not better with finincial aid.
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Well, if she manages to get in, would not be a problem... she lives in NY.
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In my experience, Pratt is not so good for financial aid. Both in how much is available (very different from what was said during the open house!) and in the difficulty of dealing with the financial aid office/bureaucracy.
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I loved everything about my time at Parsons - although it wasn't for Graphic Design. The people I know who've attended Pratt and SVA provide mixed reviews. Does it HAVE to be in NYC? Because if not, RISD is the way to go - another school I loved.
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Of the bunch, I've found Parsons students are generally the happiest with their (graphic) design education. Mixed reviews for the rest, depending mostly on how well expectations matched with reality, so probably the best way to ensure you're happy with your institutional affiliation is to do a fair amount of research before you apply.
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