Bones teleplay?
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Where can I find some scripts of the TV show Bones?

I want to write a spec script for the show Bones, but google and the popular script sites don't have any actual teleplays. I do not want a transcript. I want a script from the show that I can read to get a better feel for the show.
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Like these?
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You can find print scripts but you may have trouble finding them online since they're usually fly-by-night photocopies that are violating the production company's copyright.

When I was in Seattle last year we went to a comic & movie junk shop at Pike's Market and they had a few hundred movie and tv show scripts for sale, most priced under $20.

Look for movie paraphernalia shops in your city. They may or may not cop to having scripts if you call them on the phone.
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Hollywood Book and Poster will sell you pretty much any script out there.

(But I would think twice before speccing Bones.)
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Chris: Those are transcripts, not actual scripts.

HMSbeagle: Why not? I want to write a crime show and it's better than CSI and I am not a legal expert so I can't write L&O.
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In case you don't know this: if you want to get a job writing Bones, the very last thing you should do is write a Bones spec and send it in.

They won't even read it for fear they produce an episode later which resembles your idea and you sue them.

You should write a spec for a broadly similar show.
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I never said I wanted to write for Bones. I want to write a crime show spec script and I chose Bones because it is an interesting show that will last at least another season or two.

I've written spec scripts before. :)
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