Has time and Daft Punk melted away my memories?
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SongFilter: Has time and Daft Punk melted away my memories? I remember a song that doesn't seem to exist.

Back in high school I had the Daft Punk album 'Homework' or at least that's how I remember this going. I remember a song on it (about midway through the cd) that started with waves crashing on a beach and seemed to go on forever. After an argument with a friend this weekend, I checked the tracks on both 'Homework' and 'Discovery' and nothing sounds like what I was thinking of.

Any idea of what song I'm thinking of?
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Best answer: You're looking for "Fresh" on Homework.
posted by clango at 8:18 AM on August 28, 2007

Response by poster: HOW, HOW, HOW in the name of all that is holy, did I miss that track? I would swear that I listened to the whole album yesterday. Guess my brain is a little fried, thanks Clango!
posted by Mark5four0 at 8:36 AM on August 28, 2007

I dunno. It's pretty easy to forget it's there. Ocean sounds are the sort of soothing, background, white noise stuff that makes it easy to blank them out.

Also, it comes right before Around The goddam World, and nobody forgets that one.
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I listen to DP almost daily because it helps me concentrate on work, my pleasure to lend a hand!
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