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How do I get Siouxsie on my Ipod while in London?

I have to go to London for work on the week of 10 September, and while I'm not very excited about the trip (business), it does line up very nicely with the UK release of the new solo Siouxsie Sioux album.

I will have my Ipod with me and I would rather not have to buy a portable cd player. Also, all of the computers at work are locked down so installing from there is not an option.

Is there any way to get the disc ripped? Does anybody know of any internet cafes that might have something like Ephpod installed? Am I missing a significantly easier solution?
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get it off oink? then assuage your guilt by buying it later.
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I have ripped CDs to my iPod exactly as you describe by dropping into an Apple store and using one of the umpteen Macs on display.

The staff didn't seem to mind, but then again it was only ever a single CD, and it's pretty easy to say "Yes, I want to see how easy this whole ripping-CDs-to-my-iPod thing REALLY is...."

There's an Apple Store on Regent St near Pic Circus, and another at Brent Cross.
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Use it as an opportunity to make a new friend at a coffee shop.
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Put all the tools to get the music onto your ipod, on your ipod. These instructions cover everything for Windows computers.
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You don't even need Ephpod. Just plug in your iPod, open up iTunes, and go to the iPod section of Preferences. There should be an "update iPod manually" option. Select that and you can drag the ripped mp3's straight onto your iPod.

When you get home, make sure to copy the files you added to your iTunes library before switching your iPod back to automatic update, or they'll be erased.
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