Want to go smoke some ants?
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Can someone please explain to me the practice of smoking ants?

A roommate of my friend's was smoking, but it wasn't weed or tobacco. It was ants. I had never seen or heard of this before, and I'm having trouble finding any more information on the internet other than this is a practice from the east. Has anyone else ever seen or experienced this? Are they special ants? Has this been going on for long? How common is this practice? I'm also interested in reading about the effects and, if possible, the chemistry behind it (such as is there some neurotransmitter that is affected or whatever).
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hallucinogenic grubs?
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Here's an Erowid experience about drinking coffee brewed through fire ants by accident.

The ant venom in their mandibles would have percolated out causing the inflammatory reaction. Doesn't sound too recreational.

I kind of doubt that local North American ants produce any psychoactive substances that can withstand vapourization by combustion and not have any Native North American refernces extant, either historically or from contemporary reservations.

My take is that your friend's roomate may have just been joshing with you or is delusional.
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oh, as Erowid doesn't cover it, it's very likely that ants are not commonly smoked for recreational purposes
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I think you're having your leg pulled.

That said, however, fire ant venom is an alkaloid, and alkaloids are often mind-altering, so I suppose it's possible.

Having been stung by fire ants a number of times, though, I would never in a billion years smoke them.
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The answer is, some people will smoke anything they hear will get them high. I have tried smoking banana peels as well as the casing around peanuts (not the shell, the reddish-brown wrapper).
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