Turn off translucent dragging in Flash CS3 on OS X
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Flash CS3 IDE on OS X: Is there a way to turn off the "panels/windows become translucent when you drag them" option?

Flash CS3 runs OK on my oldish G4 laptop except when I need to move windows/panels around (like the Actions window)-- when I do that it becomes difficult to move windows exactly where I want them because my Mac's "frame rate" (for lack of a better phrase) slows to a crawl.

My guess is there's a plist hidden somewhere with a switch I can just turn off. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
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I don't know how to help you, but I did want to mention that the Windows version of Flash CS3 does the same thing -- which means it isn't an operating system function. (XP doesn't support transparent windows as an OS function.)

Adobe is implementing that feature itself.
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I've been really hoping to find a way to turn this off myself. You shouldn't have to wait that long after giving the app focus to actually use it.
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