Where are the best Manhattan doggie kennels?
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Advice on the best doggie kennel/boarding in Manhattan

The last two places we boarded our 14 year old springer spaniel with old lady needs (regular walks, medicine schedule) have left us raving pissed. Our baby returned from one with a torn leg ligament and the other didn't walk her for the 24 hours prior to our picking her up, I can only guess the medicine was similarly negliected.

Where can we find a place that will take care of her and cater to her old ladyness and understand that she also can get cranky? Details on good experiences are welcome.
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I'm in Manhattan and I could recommend my own veterinarian, but why would you need me to do that?

Use your own vet for boarding your dog, or ask your vet for a recommendation.
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Would a pet sitter be an option? This is what I do with my four dogs, but I'm not in Manhattan. They are much happier when I get home than when they stay at the kennel. She also hangs out with them for an hour each visit, so they get attention while I'm gone.
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J: The second place I mention above WAS the vet's own kennel and his backpeddling response to our issue of our girl being left in a cage for 24 hours without being walked was that the staff was new. She and her "woobie" (stuffed chew animal) were covered in dried and damp urine and she will hold on till the very end of her willpower - even at her age - not to urinate inside. Whom do you trust and are your boarding experiences pleasant or at least eventless?

M: A sitter would work perfectly I imagine if only I knew someone well enough to get over my discomfort of a stranger (and any of their unannounced guests) in my apartment. Call me a freak but I have privacy issues.
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I use a very sweet, retired couple in the east village. The watch the dogs in their apartment, and only take two dogs at a time. My dog goes every day to them while i am at work and has fallen in love with them (particularly the husband!). They are not insured and its by no means a real business but i've been having my dog stay with them for about 3 weeks now and they are great.

They have had dogs for many many years (their own, or watching other dogs) so they are experienced with taking care of dogs. I'm sure they could probably handle giving medicine. The husband walks the dogs regularly.

If you're interested-- email me. Its not a kennel, so like i said they aren't insured, but they are very nice, experienced people with extremely reasonable rates.

cassandra at modernsquid dot com.

otherwise- good luck! i've also had a hell of a time finding a quaility dog kennel/daycare and my dog is very easy to take care of. i can't imagine trying to find a place for a dog with special needs!
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West Side Veterinary Center
220 West 83rd St, 10024
(212) 580-1800

Multiple cats, no complaints

If you want a dog sitter too, you can ask them for a referral.

Also, if necessary, I could ask a cat sitter I know if she knows any dog sitters.
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