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I'm looking for a hair fragrance. Someting to spray in your hair to keep it smelling freshly-washed between washings. There should be no alchohol in it to dry out the hair- Bonus if it has a moisturizing effect though! I remember Bath & Body works carrying something similar, but it had too much alchohol in it for my liking and it didn't soften my hair. Know of anything along these lines?
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I use a spray made by Pureology called ColorMax, that's basically a lightweight conditioner with a UV shield. It smells like roses and herbs, it's amazing. I'd use it even if I didn't pump my hair color up a notch.
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Oscar Blandi makes a nice verbena-scented dry shampoo, but that's more for getting rid of oilyness between washings. Maybe try the protein mist for restyling hair? For moisturizing dry/frizzy hair I really like Frederic Fekkai's glossing cream, but its scent is light and quickly fades.
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No More Tangles smells like freshly washed hair to me, since as a little girl I always used it fresh out of the bath. It's cheap and gently moisturizing. You can DIY it with diluted fabric softener if you like the "fresh" smell of any brand of that.
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You can get either a dry oil spray or a hair polish spray custom scented, or scent it yourself.
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My sister has some nice Aveda stuff that does just that. Can't remember the exact name, though. Sorry.
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Johnathan Antin makes a product called Redo that I've used and liked very much. It's perfect for in-between shampoo touch ups. It's alcohol free and leaves a very light and clean fragrance (reminiscent of rosemary). $8 at
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I'd just like to say: This thread is another example of AskMeFi opening worlds to me that I never, ever, would have encountered otherwise. I had no idea there was a hair-perfuming industry.
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This may be naive, but wouldn't a simple spray-on leave-in conditioner work?

I had a friend in high school who would spray a touch of her perfume over her head while shaking her hair a bit. I'd never seen anyone do that before.
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I used to use this Aveda Reviving Mist when I had long hair. It's great.
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This type of product is common among bath and body e-tailers, usually marketed as a hair and body mist. Bathed & Infused has a nice one I've tried, with a choice of 400 scents!
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Oh boy, I don't like the Oscar Blandi stuff at all. It makes my hair smell like Lemon Pledge. My husband agrees and has actually asked me to stop using it!

I do like this dry shampoo by Stila a lot. It has a nice light smell. It's a powder, not a spray-on, so it might not be exactly what you're looking for.
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Pantene's spray-in, leave-in conditioner smells to me like the definition, the Platonic ideal, of fresh, clean hair. It's the best scent ever. I wrote to the company once asking them to make a body fragrance that smelled the same, but no dice. It also makes my hair smooth and really soft, so it's a double bonus.

Unfortunately it also clogs my pores like crazy if I get any on my skin while spritzing, so I don't use it very often anymore. My skin is pretty sensitive, though, so I still recommend it to others.
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You could add essential oils (of whatever you like) to water, or to a conditioning spray.
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I mix conditioner with water and spray it in my hair. Sometimes I add essential oils to this. No alcohol, you can vary how much moisturizing you want, and it's really cheap.
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Thanks everyone! I will check out all the links provided so far. I want to stay away from anything too 'wet' since I straighen my hair and wouldn't like to have to re-do it after using the product. Fortunately my hair doesn't get very oily so I only wash & dry my hair 2x a week, but I love that clean smell feeling after doing so.
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