Stumped In Seattle
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I'm looking for something romantic or at least fun to do tonight with my girlfriend. Inexpensive is good. We're both 32 and living together in Seattle.

We've kind of done the "dinner out" and "picnic on the living room floor" thing to death already. We don't want to just go see a movie. I moved up here from LA to be with her three years ago; she's more or less a native.

We both like intellectually-stimulating things. New experiences are always a plus. It would be nice to do something interactive that we could share, rather than sitting quietly and absorbing a movie or something... though doing the college lecture thing or whatever would be fun.

I've been in a bit of a rut. The girlfriend has expressed some disappointment with such, and I can't blame her there 'cause I've been feeling it myself. Help me, metafilter!
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Head on over to the Third Place Pub and check out tonight's Science on Tap lecture! Beer and Science: it's a winning combination.
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Any late night art galleries in Seattle?
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Go build a fire over on Alki beach and roast marshmallows while watching the sunset.
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Piano bar?
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they might close too early?
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there are probably better lists I do not know about.
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Arcade? I just had a super fun date night friday at the arcade. (Especially in the photo booth!)

Pool hall? (Spaces like that often unleash the flirt in me. Maybe you or her feel the same?)

Angels/Mariners game?

This list looks pretty comprehensive.
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The Stranger's arts calendar for tonight. Nothing on there I can personally recommend, but there are plenty of free art exhibits.
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naked yoga seems quite inexpensive (if you can splurge, you could add Viagra and baby oil to the mix)
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I like going out to the Fort Casey park on Whidbey island (about 90 minutes by road, shorter if you take a ferry), take some string, (maybe even advanced supplies like cloth, a hammer and nails) and go to the beach there. You've never seen more driftwood in one place in your life.

Scour the driftwood for the parts to make a pirate ship, build it together, use the string for rigging as well as lashing bits together, maybe add a message in a bottle to it once finished, take some pics and set it sailing upon the outgoing tide.

Unfortunately no-one believes me that this is a good time. But they're wrong damnit!

Once there, you can also explore all the nooks and crannies of Fort Casey. (Bring a flashlight), and there are plenty of scenic places to make out :)
There are usually also people flying kits in the park there, and so on. It's a nice place for an afternoon.
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Tonight's the lunar eclipse. It's romantic, cheap, and fun! Watch a moon-themed movie, go to bed early, and then get up in the wee hours to see it? My boyfriend and I will be in a park in wallingford -- double date?
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I'm 24, and have lived in Seattle all my life. I'm also a poor college student, so cheap things are my favorite. I highly recommend the Can-Can (in downtown/Pike Place). Highly entertaining scantily clad male and female dancers, what could be better? Usually cheap, if not FREE, though they don't have a show tonight, they regularly have shows.

Chopstix Piano Bar usually has no cover during the week (tues-thurs), from what I remember, though they are not open on Mondays, so again, something for future dates.

Another non-Monday thing - Giggles Comedy Club has open mic nights on Thursday and Sunday. Cover is $5, and is usually entertaining. Their Friday/Saturday show prices are usually pretty reasonable also, but definitely not $5.

I second the beach fires. The other beach fire option is Golden Gardens in Ballard. I like to bring stuff to cook for dinner, and maybe marshmallows/s'mores stuff. Monday night you shouldn't have a problem getting a fire pit, though you'd probably want to show up no later than 7 to make sure. Also, make sure to bring actual firewood - no treated wood or palates.

If you like to try new places to eat, check out some happy hours using sites like You can find cheap food and/or drinks by location and specific time, or other options.

The last thing I can think of that hasn't already been suggested is the Craigslist Seattle event calendar classifieds. It seems kinda hit-and-miss, but if you want something unique, it's probably a good place to look.

Good luck!
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Cheap, romantic, new experience with the girlfriend? Propose to her. Works anywhere, not just Seattle!
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Tonight there will be a full lunar eclipse visible from the west coast, at about 3AM, take a nap wake up early and stroll in a dark field while the moon turns blood red.
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