Looking for a family law attorney
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Can anyone recommend an attorney in the Boston, MA area who specializes in family law (specifically involving parental visitation rights) and preferably offering a free consultation? I've looked through many directories, but my inherent distrust of lawyers seems to be getting in the way.
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I can't help with specific suggestions, but I would observe that attorneys that offer free consultations don't tend to be as good as those who charge, in my experience.
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I know this attorney and can tell you that she is intelligent and dedicated. I think you'll find most attorneys will at the very least give you a free phone consult, which they can bill to client development.
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Atwood & Cherny is one of the top ones in Boston. I have referred personal friends there and they have been satisfied.
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On the off-chance that you can qualify for low-income assistance, Greater Boston Legal Services offers family law services for free/cheap, depending on your circumstances.
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Robin Chaykin is very good and I think will give you a free consultation. Her firm offers a great small firm feel (and rates), in contrast to a firm like Atwood. I agree with Bezuhin's assessment of the phone consults. I think most will at least do that.
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Thanks everyone. I'm going to start with this list of people. Hopefully this will put me in the right direction.
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This firm is terrific, but on the high end.
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