La cosa nostra
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HelpMeFindThisSongFilter: while in Italy I heard an Italian song that was a bit rap-ish, in the sense that the performers were more or less talking to the music. The only part of the lyrics I could discern was "La cosa nostra, la cosa nostra, la cosa nostra". I asked the lady behind the bar what it was and she couldn't tell me, but vaguely seemed to remember it was by & . Something like Paolo and Frederico, although most likely not those names. Help?
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the only Italian song that I can think of that has a "cosa nostra" in there is "L'andazzo generale" by CCCP. it's pretty old and not really rap, though.
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Sorry, that should have been <male name> & <other male name>.

*punches self* Use *punches self* preview *punches self* next *punches self* time.
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Paulo and Chiara?
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matteo: that's definitely not it, but thanks.
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Maybe Fabrizio Moro - Pensa?
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Yes. Thanks!
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Doesn't the fourth face shown at the beginning of the video look just like Elijah Wood? Weird.
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I just wanted to thank you for this question. I never heard the song before, but now I've downloaded it and haven't been able to stop singing it.
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