I need a new dermatologist
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I'm moving to Columbus, Ohio and I need to find a new dermatologist, preferably one that will prescribe accutane.

I am going to be a freshman at the Ohio State University and I'll be staying on campus. Since I won't be home except for holidays and breaks I've decided to just drop my current dermatologist.

Basically I'm looking for a dermatologist that will prescribe me accutane. It's important to me that the doctor is comfortable with prescribing it, because a lot of dermatologists aren't, as the side effects are somewhat extreme.

In the end any local dermatologist might work, but if anyone has first hand experience or knows of one that is okay with this treatment would be better.
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Are you on bad terms with your current dermatologist? Because he or she might know a good one that he met at a dermatology convention or something. Or could even be able to vouch that Accutane has been beneficial for you.
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Could your current dermo. just phone in scripts to Columbus? Another option is campus student health services. If you can show that you've been taking it for a while responsibly, they likely won't have a problem giving you more scripts.
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Prescriptions are good for a year, and good doctors can be hard to find. Unless you have issues with the current doc, I'd stick with him. Don't the national pharmacies let you transfer prescriptions between stores? I know you can do it instate, not sure if it works across state lines. At worst, your parents could mail refills to you.
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Are you on Accutane now? It's not clear from your question.
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Guys, any responsible dermatologist won't phone in scripts to Columbus unless anon fonds a way to take monthly blood tests there and get them sent back home. That's enough work that s/he may as well find a new dermatologist.

An accutane prescription isn't good for a year; you get it re-prescribed monthly depending on how your bloodwork looked. I had a friend who did use it while she was in Ohio and her doctor was in Los Angeles, but she even said it was more trouble than it was worth and she wished her insurance would cover a more local person.
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Are you male or female? If female, are requirements from your dermatologist for a blood pregnancy test at regular intervals the reason for needing to change? (If male, it shouldn't be a problem to stay with your current dermatologist.) If that's the case, have your current dermatologist write to the student health service, a doc there should be able to sort you out.
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Why not go to student health? You are one of a gazillion students on Accutane. It should be really really easy.
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Accutane, for me, was a horrible waste of $400 (and I live in Canada where drugs are cheaper- unless you have insurance, you'd likely be paying double). It was just ineffective, and might have made my depression worse.

Other people have had better experiences, presumably. I was using it with the hope of treating mild seborrheic dermatitis.
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why he probably doesn't want to prescribe it is because you are probably female, you're going to college. Accutane is a teratogen, meaning that if you get pregnant, it will cause serious*** birth defects, and not only that, but you have to wait years after you stop taking it before these birth defects of the drug are out of your system. You will be effectively having to put off pregnancy for years after you stop taking this drug.
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Sorry I can't help with a derm - I know how much easier it is as a woman to see a pro-accutane derm - but I wanted to correct uncballzer.
You're wrong about the "years" part. Accutane has a relatively short life in your system. Current medical advice is to wait one month after cessation before trying to get pregnant.
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Ask a local pharmacist. They've dispensed lots of accutane, so they know who is prescribing it in that area.
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I am a former OSU student. When you get to school, contact Student Health Services. They have great doctors, pharmacists and services there, including specialists. I never visited a dermatologist there, so I am not sure if there is one, but if not, they can recommend a local doctor. As I said, the health professionals at health services are well aware of the issues that students face. I never had a negative experience there.
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