leave Wayfaring for what?
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Help me find a Google Maps mashup to replace Wayfaring (for personal use).

I set up a Wayfaring account about a year ago and started entering in all the places I'd been in the world.

Today I realized that one of my places had been marked (by me) in the wrong place on the map. But when I tried to move it I couldn't figure out how. Then I couldn't find any help docs whatsoever in Wayfaring. Then some Googling led me to find out that Wayfaring seems to have been somewhat abandoned, both by the developers and the public.

I have no clue what's out there to do this now. I've heard of Platial and Google's own My Maps, and I have no idea what the differences are. Can you provide some guidance on the pros and cons of these? I just want to mark the places I've been, and perhaps create a timeline showing WHEN I've been there, where I've lived and how long, etc.

Most importantly, I want the joint to still be around in 2 years ...

FYI, I'm a little leery of any Google service that requires that I get a GMail account.
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One of Google's limitations is the ability to let other folks add locations to the maps. However, if you just want to do it yourself, it should replace Wayfaring for you.

I prefer Platial myself, after moving over from Wayfaring for the same reasons as yourself, because I could bulk-import text/csv/whatever files to it. Also, Platial has FANTASTIC customer support.
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(that should read "...is the INability...")
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Thanks luriete. Is there some way to export locations out of Wayfaring? I only have about 30 locations set up, so it's not a big deal, but it would save me an hour or so of work ...
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I have my Google maps set to "Unlisted". No one has touched them.
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Mapbuilder seems to be well-run and well-supported, though the English in the help files takes a little decoding sometimes (I think the site owner is eastern European?).

There have been a handful of other questions on this in the last few months - search on the maps tag and you'll find a bunch of other links.
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Thanks desjardins, I'll do that.
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I'm the Community Lady at Platial and long-time mefite. Thanks for the kudos luriete. I'm the good customer service fairy.

I don't think that there is a way to export the places really easily from Wayfaring. You could do a bulk upload of them using a csv file which you can make from an excel spreadsheet.

My email is tracy@platial.com, if you need any help.
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FYI, I've started transitioning to Platial and it's been working fine. It doesn't work with IE 6 very well, nor Mozilla 1.7.3 at all, but I guess that's the price I pay for resisting the upgrade treadmill :)
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