Help me recover a file from my expired iDisk!
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Help me recover a file from my expired iDisk!

My .mac account expired without my being aware of it on August 14th. I have one document with all of my important info (bank info, everything) that I kept on my iDisk to "keep it safe" (stupid) and mostly to keep it current across my laptop & my desktop. I was using local iDisk syncing, so that there would be a copy on my laptop, my desktop and also on .mac's servers.

Well needless to say my local iDisk on my laptop ceased to exist (though not until Aug. 22nd, for whatever reason), and I dont currently have access to my desktop, but fear the worst there too.

I need this document on my (former) iDisk.


1. Is there some way for me to recover this file without renewing my .mac subscription?
2. Will my iDisk be intact if I renew my .mac subscription? I would be fairly unhappy if i paid $99 just to recover this stupid file and it wasn't there anymore.

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Have you tried this?
posted by puddpunk at 9:57 PM on August 26, 2007

Hate to say it. Call apple. This should take a little phone jockeying...they'll be able to answer...and you have to figure they don't delete your stuff right away. (If you do renew, buy it from amazon, where it's $20 less.)
posted by filmgeek at 10:36 PM on August 26, 2007

It doesn't look good, based on the Data Retention section in Apple's .Mac FAQ. filmgeek's right, though, calling them can't hurt.
posted by magicbus at 6:48 AM on August 27, 2007

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