I think the "V" and "||" *might* be Roman numerals...?
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What do these particular signs mean?

On the back window of our bank, there's a round sign that's probably 6" in diameter, white with a red edge. In the circle, in red lettering, is this:


About ten miles away, above the entrance to a Bed Bath & Beyond in a strip mall, are several similar signs, (white circle, red edge, red lettering) that say:


Any idea what these might represent?

(I can take a picture of the one at the bank tomorrow morning and will post it onto flickr, and comment with a link.)
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You should ask them.
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Where are you located? Could the R represent something like your town, region or state? Are the buildings old or new? How about the decals?
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In Europe round, white signs with red edges are a type of traffic sign that forbid something. But 6" sounds too small to be that.
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Where are these signs? (City, state?)
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I wonder if they might be firefighter-related. Sometimes you see little black boxes, 3 or 4 inches on a side, with a spot of red reflective tape. The firefighters' key opens the box, which contains a key for the building.

Yes, please post pictures, and/or ask them. :)
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OK - this is the one on the bank. For what it's worth, it's on a window that is right next to a fire door. (Unfortunately I was in such a hurry this AM that I didn't even notice what sort of room the window looked in on.) The one on the BB&B is exactly the same with the "V" replaced. (It's also much higher up, about 15' off the ground. The bank one is about eye level.)

Both buildings are very new. The bank is about a year old, the BB&B no more than two or three years old. Both are in suburbs of Rochester, NY (although if it *is* firefighter-related, the "R" wouldn't stand for Rochester, as both suburbs have their own fire departments, and neither suburb starts with "R").

I have to go to the bank on Thursday to deposit my paycheck, so if everyone is stumped, I will ask someone there what it means.
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Actually, firefighter-related signs do not identify the firefighters, but rather what kind of combustible materials are stored in the places, so they know what to expect.
This could be that, but not in any code I'm familiar with.
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It's obviously not a hazard placard, which I think signal thinks I was referring to. I was talking about firefighters' lock boxes.

Anyway, that's all obviously irrelevant. And since it's right in plain view, I think it might be an advertisement, something not unlike warchalking, a symbol that means little except to those in the know.
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I've seen those around town (Buffalo), so they're definitely not Roch only. Pretty sure it's not advertising either.

Uh, found it.
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Awesome! Thank you so much, AskMe!
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Truss ID. Excellent cover story.

You won't think this is so awesome when the Free & Accepted Millet Millers / Modern Millenarian Millerites / Militant Misanthropes show up at your door. Then you'll wish you'd kept your mouth shut.

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