open source, real-time, video streaming?
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What options are there for a real-time, open source, video streaming (ogg Theora?) codec/platform/service? I have heard of Flumotion but was wondering if there are others like it in the US or Asia.
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To provide a bit more context: I'm looking for a video streaming solution that would work on any platform, including Linux, which is why I'd like to focus on open source solutions.
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Darwin Streaming Server:

Welcome to Darwin Streaming Server, the open source version of Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server technology that allows you to send streaming media to clients across the Internet using the industry standard RTP and RTSP protocols. Based on the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server provides a high level of customizability and runs on a variety of platforms allowing you to manipulate the code to fit your needs.

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VideoLAN perhaps?
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