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Where are the makers of custom-made, high-heel fetishy boots?

Its a girls worst nightmare. I cant wear any off the rack boots. I have rather muscular lower legs that taper to thicker ankles. They're not unsightly, but they are source of consternation in this one instance.

My google-fu is not yielding any results. I have found a TON of customIZEable boots (existing standard sizes where you pick colors and options).

What I need are actual built from scratch boots. Stripper-type, fetishy boots.

I am trying to find a person/company/whatever that can take a shoe size, an ankle measurement (circumference), a calf measurement (circumference), and any other appropriate measurements and produce a professional looking, durable boot out of leather or patent leather, with 4" or 5" heels, and in a couple of different colors. Could be slip on or laced.

Pricey is OK (and expected)


Bonus question: Are there any boot brands that manufacture boots to accommodate larger ankle/calf sizes?

P.S. Oh, and Ive tried all the boots that call themselves "stretch". they don't work for me, either. :-(
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From your previous posting history, you seem to live in or around Philadelphia. Get thee to Passional or call them and ask. They have custom corsets, so I bet they know the type of people who can hook you up (or they already have some sort of connection).

Also, try Torrid's boot selection. If not amazingly well made, they at least are made for bigger women and priced well. They could at least possibly temporarily tide you over.
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I too have muscular calves and I found that J. Crew's boots worked really well.
posted by k8t at 7:14 PM on August 26, 2007 will do some level of custom fitting. most of the places i know that do custom boots (some company that used to show up at west coast science fiction conventions, and west coast shoe) tend towards the more utilitarian sort of functional boot rather than something high heeled and fetishy. (unless your fetish is tall motorcycle cop boots, which, you know, is kinda fun if that's your thing)
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zappos carries a lot of wide-calf boots and they list the circumference of each, so you may find one that fits there.
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Also use 'extended calf' in your googling. When I was looking for boots that would fit my fat legs, I found that was a commonly used term and it turned up lots of options I wasn't otherwise able to find.
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Have you already tried all of the different varieties of wide-calf boots, such as those advertised in plus-size catalogs? A friend with larger calves told me that she couldn't wear the ones she had tried because they were too thick in the ankle, so it almost sounds like the perfect situation for you. However, I will admit that the ones I've seen are a bit dowdy and not fetishy at all. Also they tend to go hand-in-hand with wide widths, so if you've a narrow foot, no dice. If you do happen to have a wide foot, I know that Ros Hommerson is a decent brand in terms of fit.
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Scarlette Moderne makes custom fetish boots. Can't vouch for them otherwise as I have never shopped there.
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Not very strippery but to answer your bonus question: The Alberta Boot Company makes custom cowboy, western and riding boots to order as well as having a couple thousand stock sizes. I've purchased two sets from them, one stock the second custom, and they are very good boots at a reasonable price.
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I have some amazing shoes from Maya Shoes in Hollywood, and she does custom boots as well.

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Sounds kind of like the plot to kinky boots (boots for men in drag), which is based on the real life company Divine in the UK. You might want to see if they can fit you with one of their stock boots before you go for a custom one $$$.
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Ask this question on - someone will be able to refer you to a custom leatherworker.
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