Hivemind, I need your schedule-fu
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Two-parter for the hard-core Blackberry Guru (BB Pearl 8100): Part the first--Sync-utopia; Part the second--sync-nirvana. There is, of course

Recently got a Pearl, and am largely convinced that it is the shiznit. I seek SyncUtopia:

-Help me synch my Pearl with gCal and Thunderbird's calendar plugin (Lightning/Provider add-ons) with my BB's scheduling app. I can update via the handheld, but I haven't had any luck getting it to download properly, which is seriously lame. I've seen the various comment threads here and elsewhere, pored through the contents of LifeHacker, tried ScheduleWorld and a couple of other things; what worked for you?

-SyncNirvana: Help me sync my tasks in the bb's Task app with the above, or point me at a task manager that replaces the default one.

I've already grokked google's snazzy quick-add feature (whereby I can send SMS to 48368 and it sets up an appt per my specs), but racking up sms charges sucks. I have t-mobile's Blackberry unlimited plan, and want to take advantage of the plan to its fullest, while not incurring charges on top of it.

Followup question upon rereading: Is Thunderbird serving a purpose here, or am I using it because I like it, as opposed to using it because it's really worth using with the other tools at my disposal?

Lastly: I seek task-sync-and-tracking advice. I have the laptop and now the blackberry. I work in an environment where I cannot access gmail, nor can I bring my phone into the building. Suggestions on how to keep myself more or less on the same page with myself (so to speak)?
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You may also want to look over at blackberryforums.
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