Finding size B5 notebooks in America
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Where to find B5 notebooks (preferably in the DC area)?

A year ago I came across these Kokuyo Brilliantes Large spiral notebooks at the University of Maryland Barnes & Noble bookstore. They were an ideal size -- about 7"x10", about 80 sheets, and as an added bonus had a space for a heading and date at the top of every page.

The only other place where I have come across B5 notebooks is the Kinokuniya Stationary store in San Francisco. Now I am back at home in the DC area and I am at a lost where to find more spiral notebooks like these before I go back to school. I can only find the Kokuyo Brilliantes sold online in bulk. The UMD B&N bookstore only has the "Medium" sized Kokuyo notebooks, which are too small.

I'm not sure where else to look. I don't really mind whether the notebooks are Kokuyo, I just really like the B5 size for taking notes on cramped desks and carrying around campus. No luck at other B&N's, or Staples. Any suggestions?
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Well as you can see on that page, that's pretty much the form factor of a Mead composition book, which was available pretty much everywhere in Texas.
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Response by poster: grouse: I should have been more clear. I am only looking for spiral notebooks, not composition books.
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Here are several spiral bound notebooks that are approximately B5 size (7" x 10"):

Staples Notebook, item #430603, 3 subject, 138 pages, 6.5" x 9.5", $5.28 each.

Mead Five Star Advance Trend Notebook, item #06296, 2 Subject, 100 pages, 7.375" X 9.5", $3.49 each.
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Oops, that Mead notebook might not be a spiral notebook — however, Mead does appear to carry several in a form factor similar to B5. For example:

Zwipes™9.5" Wirebound Notebook, item #06870, 90 pages, 6" x 9.5", $4.78 each.
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Best answer: I used to buy those very notebooks at the UMD store, and zillions of other Japanese notebooks at Kinokuniya. It looks to me like you can get individual Kokuyo notebooks in the B5 size online here.
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You might also try calling or stopping in at Ginza, in Dupont Circle. They do often have some stationary items.
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I have some Black 'N Red notebooks at work that are A5 in size... which is odd since I'm in corn country USA, and these are British-designed. The one's I have are hard backed, but they make spiral bound versions.
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