Medical Journal Advertising; need recs for someone to design our ad!
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Medical Journal Advertising: need recommendations on firms or independant designers to create our advertisment.

Hello all,

We are starting up a consulting business targeted at physicians in a specific medical sub-specialty. We know the market and know the medical journals we want to advertise in.

We have kind of been thrust into this unexpectedly so we need some help with advertising.

We need recommendations for an advertising designer (either independant or corporate) to design the advertisment itself for us to submit to the journals for print. We are small on a tight budget, and the ad would likely never take up more than 1/4 to 1/2 page in a journal. We don't need anything particularly fancy but smart, professional, and clean is a must.

If they can develop a logo for us that would be a plus as well.

We would like to go with a smaller independant firm or individual if possible.

Advertising is new to us so we thought we would ask for some recommendations for good people to help us with the ads. Thanks in advance.
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We help companies build brands thru advertising and design – with experience in Pharma. That's about as hard sell as I get....
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Just about any freelance designer can do what you need. Given the restricted nature of your ad budget, I'm not sure you seriously need anyone with specific medical industry experience. Someone with corporate experience should suffice.
And, while I always suggest someone work with local talents (check your phone book), I'm also always eager to suggest myself, as well. Links are in my profile.
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Yes Thorzdad I agree with you we do not need anybody specific to the medical industry, thanks for the tip.
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Any other freelance designers here on mefi? Please send your contact info to me. Thanks.
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