Advice/tips/resource for a PHP programmer to pick up on ASP.NET/C#?
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Advice/tips/resource for a PHP programmer to pick up on ASP.NET/C#?
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Visual Studio Express is free, as are the betas of Visual Studio 2008. VS2008 will also have an Express version. When you install it, do install the MSDN Documentation as well.

Similarly, you can get an express version of SQL Server for free, along with a free version of SQL Management Studio.

Windows XP Pro comes with a (limited) version of IIS 5.1 that is capable of hosting ASP.NET apps. Some of the limitations (e.g., 10 concurrent users) can be fixed up a bit. I believe Vista (or some versions of it) include IIS 7, and that it doesn't have as many limitations. If you don't want to fool with IIS for learning purposes, Visual Studio includes an integrated web server for development and debugging.

As far as learning goes, Microsoft has good site for ASP. I recommend the quickstart samples as both a tutorial and a reference. Don't be dismayed by all the VB. If you click the 'View Source' for any of the examples, there is C# source available too.

As far as C# itself goes, they have another nice series of videos taking you from the very basics to some complete applications. You may want to skip some of the 'Web Development' track's early parts (e.g., HTML4 for Dummies or whatever), since that much is probably portable from PHP.
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Are you building OO self rendering php objects or inline fire html in a big stream php?

If the latter, you might find the init, load, prerender, render stuff a bit weird. Seek out some of the early asp 3 to books, as some php practices resemble asp 3 practices.
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jedicus gave you the motherlode of good free ASP.NET/ C# resources for sure.

The only thing I would add is that maybe one good starting book would help. I cannot specifically recommend one, because I'm a Java programmer, and C# is so close to Java that I was up in ASP.NET in almost no time.

I found that in learning Java 6 years ago, I benefited alot from one of the basic books ("Learn Java in 21 days"), so I would suggest that a similar book in C# would help you at this point.

Go to, search "learn c#" and you'll see alot of options. Check their tables of contents, and read some of the reviews.
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"Visual C# 2005 For Beginners" (Wrox publishing) is a good beginning book.

I'm a PHP developer that got asked to handle some winforms stuff. I haven't done any asp.
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