Where to spend Rosh Hashanah in London?
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A young professional Jewish woman of my acquaintance is moving to London for about a year and would love to find some community that might be welcoming to a stranger for the holidays. Suggestions as to places to meet (reform preferred) Jews, websites, etc. would be welcome.
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Conservative or Reform?
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(look, I won't have time to follow this thread until Monday, email me if you need anything: but if she's Conservative the New London Synagogue is a good choice; if she's Reform, I'm sure the Sternberg Center can help her out)
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You can find Reform (or, as they're called in Europe, "Progressive," or "Liberal") congregations worldwide by querying the World Union for Progressive Judaism's [WUPJ] website.

Here's the listing of all the Liberal congregations in the UK.

There's quite a bunch of them, so your friend may want to check out their individual websites to get a good feel of the culture of each individual synagogue.

Best of luck - and l'shana tova to her!
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Reform preferred and thank you both for the suggestions.
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