Did somebody in the 90's run a 'Revolutionary' background images site claiming to be the reanimated JFK?
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I remember (Late 90's) a Linux-oriented background image site that had a back story claiming that the cryogenically preserved J.F.K. was leading them in some sort of Linux Desktop Revolution. Did I hallucinate this?

The background images had names like 'Demon sashimi with wasabi', and were usually some sort of striking abstract-ish image that was large, but could tile - For example, the image mentioned above was purple cell-like structures floating in a greenish soup.( It looked a LOT better than I'm describing it, of course.)

They closed down just after JFK Jr. died in an airplane crash (1999) - IIRC, they were contacted by the family and shut down.

I think I've seen some of the backgrounds available elsewhere after the closure of the site.

I'm hoping to rediscover the sources, the author, or SOMETHING. Super bonus points for a cache of images.
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And, like clockwork, two minutes after I posted, I managed to find This. Here's the tile I was talking about above.
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That was the "Propaganda" site, run by Bowie J. Poag, and hosted at ibiblio.

It's no longer there, but you the internet archive has copies...
Propaganda @ The Internet Archive

As for the wallpapers, most of them seem to be found here as well...
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