Japanese Canada Dry in the US?
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Is there anywhere I can buy Japanese Canada Dry in the United States? Or, ideally, in the SF Bay Area?
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I'm curious, what's special about Japanese Canada Dry?
posted by jjb at 8:31 AM on August 25, 2007

It's much stronger flavor-wise, although it's not like Vernor's, which is just richer/sweeter. It's more like ginger beer.
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Have you looked at Nijiya and Super Mira?
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I'm actually not in the Bay Area yet, though I hope to be in the nearish future, so I can't check these places quite yet. : )
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If you're interested in stronger ginger flavor, give Reed's Extra Ginger Beer a try.
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Seconding Reed's. Never had the Japanese Canada Dry, but Reed's is great. They carry it at Trader Joe's.

Maybe 99 Ranch would have the imported stuff?
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I drank Canada Dry a lot when I lived in Japan. I don't remember it being any different the Canadian Canada Dry. You could be right though.
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I noticed it was quite different from the American stuff, at least. Maybe Canada's is better too.
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Disclaimer: The following is based on my limited experience in Japan drinking soda.

All soda in Japan tasted better to me and the main difference is that soda in Japan tasted to be made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The Coke and ginger ale both tasted WAY better than the US counterparts. I doubt you'll be able to readily find sugar-based Canada Dry anywhere in America, but there may be a SF-based exception.

Your better bet is to go a higher-end grocery store and get ginger ale made with sugar, not HFCS. Whole Foods has a few varieties. Other places like Trader Joes should, too.
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Maybe a Canadian can verify that Canada Dry is made with sugar up north?
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I'm pretty sure Canada Dry is made with corn syrup here, like all sodie pop. Next time I'm in a convenience store I'll double check.
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