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St.LouisFilter: What e-mail lists and websites do you, as a St. Louisan or someone who lives nearby, consider essential for keeping up-to-date on local events, art, music, politics, food, etc.?

(I'm going to subscribe to all of them.)
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There's not much out there. KDHX has a lot of info about shows, etc. For some reason i'm on Pop's mailing list - they send free tickets to subscribers for their worst shows (lotsa cover bands out there!). I mostly use the RFT site if i'm wanting to find something to do.
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What used to be (is now is pretty good on the restaurant scene. I live in Columbia but go into StL often, and I'm kind of a foodie, midwestern version.

Second Riverfront Times for general stuff.
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Best answer: Arch City Chronicle for city politics.
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Best answer: Some interesting STL blogs:

Not sure how current they are staying...I left about 8 months ago...
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Not sure, but if you're interested in local events you should check the Repertory Theatre of St.Louis's website regularly. They do awesome shows all year.
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Third Riverfront Times.
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Best answer: For music
Dividing by Zero
Lo-Fi St. Louis
A to Z
Playback STL

Everything else
The Circuit (local myspace type thingie)
15th Ward Blog
52nd City
St. Louis Forums
Pub-Def (independent politics blog

this should get you started. email if you want anything more specific!
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Best answer: Urban St Louis and Ecology of Absence are my favorites.

Hi Morgan!
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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