Help me find Bowl of Fire videos Please?
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Can anyone find me some videos of Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire online?

There are tons of Andrew Bird videos on Youtube and elsewhere, but they're almost all with his more recent band. I would love some videos like this one. Live shows, music videos, whatever... I just needs me some Bowl of Fire, because I'm not sure it's humanly possible to listen to "Oh! The Grandeur" any more in its current form.
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I tried a few weeks ago after being struck by the urge, but I couldn't find anything other than that youtube clip. On the old Bowl of Fire website they used to have a promo video from Oh the Grandeur of the band playing. Perhaps that exists in some form on the web still? I saw it years ago, so I have no idea.
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The wayback machine has some live performances.
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Unfortunately, I think they're just audio files?
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