recipe for vanilla sauce for pound cake
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I'm looking for a recipe for what I think is a combination of vanilla sauce and vanilla pudding. My grandmother used to make it and would serve it poured over pound cake. It had eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. The pudding/sauce itself tasted a lot like the pudding in Kozy Shack's rice pudding but of a thinner consistency. I've found a lot of vanilla sauce recipes which seem similar except they all call for egg yolks instead of whole eggs. Does anyone know about the sauce/pudding that I'm referring to and do you happen to have a recipe for it?
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It's called custard, and can sometimes be thickened with corn starch.
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You might also be thinking of creme anglaise.
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We always called it hard sauce, or vanilla sauce. Best poured over pound cake or apple brown betty. I make it once a month or so. Here's a recipe for it calling for whole eggs. The ingredients are vanilla, sugar, cream and eggs.
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it's a custard, which is also creme anglaise. the dead-simplest way to make it is melt a good-quality french vanilla ice cream.
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That is brilliant.
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Yep, good old custard. The yolk-only recipes are traditionally for pouring, while the whole-egg ones suit baking, because the whites help the custard solidify.
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Thanks for all your responses. :)
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