Clear plastic sleeves to hang 20+ photos on the wall?
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Where can I find clear plastic sleeves to hang 20+ photos on the wall?

I would like to get the type of clear hanging photo sleeves I saw posted on a photo/design web site, but the specific retailer which the site links (Urban Outfitters) isn't selling them now and my searches aren't turning up similar items that can display 20+ photos of the 4"x6" variety. Any ideas where I can find this or something similar?

It seemed like it would be a good and relatively inexpensive ($15 or less, I think) way to display a lot of family album photos of my dad on the walls at his upcoming birthday without damaging them by taping them up on a poster or pinning them to a board.
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Response by poster: or using photo corners. :)
posted by PY at 3:21 AM on August 24, 2007 sells these thingamajigs called Lomurello and Fotoclip, although their online store is currently down.

Other online retailers seem to sell the same product, too. I belive you can buy a refill Lomurello (four strips of photo-things without the album) for about $16.
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*believe. ugh =)
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Response by poster: Cool. It looks like those hold 3"x5" photos, which I'm guessing some of these old photos will be. I don't need an album cover, so I would probably get those refill packs. Thank you!

More suggestions welcome, especially if they have an option for 4"x6" photos and I can buy them in person somewhere in the US.
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I've seen them at IKEA before.
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Fotoclips from have fun
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You could try postcard pockets from OTC.

On a related note, I've heard that over-the-door shoe organizers are a great way to keep coiled-up electronics cords accessible and keep them from tangling.
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Response by poster: Thanks Myself. That's a nice price and looks like the closest thing to the item I spotted, and will fit 4"x6" photos!
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Response by poster: I guess I should have just walked into my corner drugstore before asking this question. The photo center inside had little photo albums for sale, including one that was just a DVD case with a folding sleeve inside capable of holding 24 photos. For $3.99.
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