Interesting ties?
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Interesting ties?

I've got plenty of nice work ties that are plain, striped or have a small repeating pattern. Who makes more interesting, asymeterical, contemporary ties for non-work occasions though? UK, preferably London, stockists.

Note: "interesting" does not mean comedy, novelty or Disney.
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I once bought my now ex-husband a tie that looked like an old nautical map (silk tie, beige background, map symbols etc.). It was subtle but quite interesting. If I can find that particular line again, I'll pass it along!
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It depends on your budget really. Both Liberty and Selfridges have ties that are interesting and different but they're definitely not a bargain.
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I have one of these, which is rather cool. (It's J S Bach's A minor violin concerto.)
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The tie section of Uncrate might have the kind of thing you're looking for.
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Newsreader and noted tie wearer, Jon Snow buys his ties from this lady.
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Check out Nighlab and Naked and Angry.
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Fornasetti do intersting (if often loud) asymmetrical tie-designs. I couldn't tell you who sells them in London, though.
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have you looked in art museum/gallery shops? they often have things like this (one of my few ties is hand-painted and bought at the local arts museum).
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My ex-husband loved unusual ties and it was quite fun to fill the closet with every sort imaginable -- the previous suggestions are all valid and good. The Internet became my best friend in the search for unusual ties. His tie collection spanned holiday themes; hobbies; special interests; social and charity interests, university themes: etc. Travels also brought ties with themes of the region. We found the most attractive and discreet ones in fine men's shops rather than typical tourist stops. Tie collecting is a fun hobby and an interesting way to tell parts of your life. Definitely, an ice breaker.
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I'm a big fan of Jerry Garcia ties.
Just stay away from the obvious Grateful Dead-themed ties. The more abstract designs are beautiful, though.
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Uncrate, Nightlab and Naked & Angry all look good. A shame they are not in the UK.

Selfridges was my first port of call. I will try Liberty, though I hate the place. Museums and galleries is also a good idea.
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Seconding Thorzdad. Jerry Garcia ties are awesome. And a good selection; from "pretty" to "trippy".
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I love my TieLab tie from CyberOptix.
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Those TieLab ones are exactly what I had in mind. It's just a shame my nearest store is in Portugal.
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I second Fornasetti. I bought one years ago and would get compliments whenever I wore it.

I also saw it worn on TV by different people on several occasions. Gordon Burns - hardly a paragon of fashion - on Shooting Stars was one... don't remember the other(s).

They must sell them in London somewhere - or pop over to Milan / Rome...
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Gytha Mander has wooden ties. Unfortunately, it is a flash site. To get there: Enter> Accessories> Wooden Ties.

TieLab is awesome, if I were a guy, I'd be all over that.
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ben sherman makes matching shirt-tie sets where the exact same fabric is used for both items. the fabric's pattern runs diagonally on the tie. i think they look great.
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