How to hang posters on an adobe wall?
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I need a good way to put up posters in an adobe house! Any ideas?

I will soon move to a house with adobe walls. I've lived in one before, and had major problems with getting posters to stay up on the walls. Poster putty only works for a little while, finishing nails and thumbtacks and the like won't go through adobe, and I'm not interested in framing (I have about a million posters, so there's no way I can afford to frame them all, not even with the cheap plastic poster hangers).

I don't mind a solution that puts (small) holes in the posters and/or the walls. The best I can think of is drilling and then using screws, which seems like a work and wall-damage nightmare... Anyone have some clever ideas?
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Anything wrong with just using tape?
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Velcro tape?
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Bulldog clips and concrete nails.
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Small nails, head flush to wall. Small, very strong magnets on poster surface?
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Doh! small nails = finish nails

How about this ....

drill hole at location of each poster corner, insert small strong magnet, patch hole, use small magnet on poster surface.
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Or, bash a 1" concrete nail in at each corner of the poster until the head is flush with the surface of the wall, then use small strong magnets on the poster surface.

Adobe is soft enough that you should be able to get the concrete nail in with a normal hammer, rather than needing a nailgun. Just don't hold them in place with your fingers before you belt them - make a placement aid out of leather or heavy cardboard.
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Haven't tried the nails and magnets, but it sounds like it would work. Nails will go into adobe just fine, but depending on the type of plaster you have just hammering the nail in might knock a huge chunk off. Drill a pilot hole.

I've seen stick on plastic things that let you slide the top edge of a poster in. No idea what they are called, try an art supply store.

If the tape route is acceptable, you can use foam double stick tape.

Wallpaper glue fulfills all your named criteria, but probably does not fit in with your unnamed criteria.
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A similar problem in straw bale homes is solved with a moulding at ceiling level that you can hang hooks from. The hooks are attached to fishing line or black thread and then pictures (or posters) are hung from the line. Unframed posters will probably need some sort of mass at the bottom corners to keep them flat. A 1" or so washer should be about right for the masses.

The picture rail allows you to use whatever sort of anchor or fastening method you want to secure the rail because it is hidden by the rail. Changing posters or arrangements doesn't involve drilling any more holes.

Lots of different commercial products are available for this.
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Previous discussion on picture rails.
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Hmmm, adobe house. How about Acrobat, and use PDFs? ;-)

OK, seriously, try this in an inconspicuous spot: pre-drill a hole smaller than the small nail you'll be using. Then nail in carefully.
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