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Father wants a website. I am the one to build it for him. Looking for easy ways to manage content. Already tried Wordpress, looking for alternatives.

My dad collects and sells old steel engravings. He does most of his selling via ebay. Now he wants a website to a) showcase his hobby by presenting his collection and b) put selected items out for sale.
There is no shop functionality needed. Potential buyers can contact him directly.

I've already found a solution by using wordpress as a content management system but the results don't really satisfy me. Since it's not a blog, wordpress seems to complicated for him to handle with all the different backend functionalities.
What he needs is an easy way to post pictures in gallerys with additional information and be able to sort those pictures in different categories (like "for sale" or "people", "animals" etc.)
Any suggestions how to set this up in a streamlined way and manageable for a 70 year old?
I will do the design and all the frontend. Daddy only needs to add or delete his new content without a gazillion of bewildering content management system options.
Sorry for length, thanks in advance for your kind help.
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Would Flickr be worth a go?
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If flickr was a standalone solution that could be customised and implemented into your website - maybe.
I've also looked at things like but they are too complicated for the needs at hand. I think.
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On my website, I use Lussumo Filebrowser.

I find it quite easy to use. I believe the only way to add images is to ftp them, though. Would he be ok with doing that?

I also don't believe it allows comments.
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I'll take a look at Lussumo. Thanks!
Uploading via ftp would be possible, I guess, but it would be yet another piece of software for him to get used to.
Still looking for an easy content management solution out of the box.
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Check out -- i'm pretty sure it has everything you need and has a great user interface for maintenance. They charge on a commision-per-sale basis, and also feature stores in their marketplace.
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I'd look at some of the open source shopping cart's out there (maybe Open Cart although I have no experience with it, or any others). You should be able to edit out the "Click to Buy" links and things like that, since you don't need the shopping cart functionality.
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thanks all for your input and have a nice weekend!
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What about plain old Gallery?
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I'd recommend the free software Gallery

Particularly, a hosted account with one of the first three providers on this page.
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Uploading things with FTP would be easy enough even for my Dad if I set FireFTP up properly for him in advance.

It's a Firefox extension, so if your browser's running, it's available; one click on the FireFTP toolbar button opens up a browser tab with the FireFTP UI, with a local file browser on the left and a remote file browser on the right; one click on the Connect button connects to the FTP site and preselects the appropriate local and remote folders; double-clicking on a file in the local file browser uploads it.
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