Pregnancy and lubricant question
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We are trying to get pregnant. Can people suggest lubricant which is okay to be used and does not affect pregnancy rates.
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A friend who is trying to get pregnant uses Pre-Seed, which is meant to be especially sperm-friendly. I vaguely remember reading that raw egg white is also a sperm-friendly lubricant, but I'd do more research before trying that.
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Toni Wechsler suggests - with some obvious caveats - room temperature raw eggwhite.
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i don't think ky jelly has any spermicidal properties, and you don't have to remember to separate your eggs before you hit the sheets.

that said, spit is always an option.
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Oh. I just realized that not everyone on the planet knows that Toni Wechsler is the author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Which is the most-informative book ever for anyone who owns an ovary or two.
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KY worked for just fine for us, pretty much on our first real shot.
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I second, third, fourth and fifth Taking Charge of your Fertility. It is a fabulous book for EVERY woman, trying to get pregnant or not. I learned so much about my body. Great for partners to read also. Also, have heard that pre-seed is what to use. Good luck with your baby making. Best fertile wishes!
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Thinkingwoman, many fertility experts believe that KY Jelly and similar brands, as well as saliva, may make it harder for couples struggling with fertility to become pregnant since the pH levels in lube and saliva are different from the pH levels in semen.

Couples having issues with fertility are encouraged NOT to use lube or saliva and to rely on the good old-fashioned method of extended foreplay to moisten things up.
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nth-ing Pre-Seed. It's what we used with our first.

And sadly, we went by the no saliva thing as well...
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You could use cum if your man is multi-orgasmic.
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I'd get Eros by Pur. It wont dry up and is absolutely amazing.
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i am trying not to get girls pregnant, what is the best lube for that?!
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Your own askme thread.

Slippery Stuff is the way to go, water based, however we aren't in the making humans game.
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Pre-Seed or glycerin. Really. When going through fertility treatments, we were told to use plain old glycerin. Apparently, that's what they use when processing, ahem, sperm at the RE (reproductive endocrinologist).

Have fun!
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Pre-Seed worked for us on the very first time we used it. But I have since read on one pregnancy board that some studies had suggested that it was not as sperm-friendly as first considered. (Apologies for the completely uncited comment.) I think the general rule is that your own lube is best, so you can have fun making sure your partner creates as much of her own as possible.

As an alternative, your partner could try taking cough syrup containing Guaifenesin as the only active ingredient up to ovulation (it’s not a good idea to take it if she might be pregnant - it can improve cervical mucus. More info here.
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Pre-seed is good stuff. I got pregnant the first time we used it.
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