Cure for a boyfriend induced stomachache?
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I swallowed. . .now I have an upset stomach. Is there a way of getting my boyfriend to change the way he tastes?

Love the guy. Love the sex. Except for the horrible upset stomach when I swallow his ejaculate. It has a strong bitter taste, and sometimes the bitterness is stronger than at other times. I haven't experienced upset stomachs before with other men, so I'm assuming that it's either the bf or his diet. Are there certain foods that might change the way he tastes? Or something else that might change the way he tastes?
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I have heard (yeah, right) that certain foods effect the taste. Pineapple and carrots being two that I recall. I think I read this somewhere like "Men's Health" magazine. I'll keep an eye out for references (don't want to google at work, sorry).
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There's a nice little video here called "Can food change the flavor of seminal fluid?"

Not only is their little scientific study amusing, but it might give you some tips on what he can change.
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Ten Simple Tips For Better-Tasting Semen

Go Ask Alice

Food definitely affect the taste. Until the taste is more to your liking, can't you just spit it into a tissue or something? He's still getting the blow job - would it offend his pride? If I were a guy and my goo gobbler told me that they'd keep on giving me bjs on the condition that they didn't have to swallow, I would rush out and buy them a case of Kleenex. Swallowing is definitely not worth stomach aches afterwards.
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Not going to look for it (at work), but I have seen ads for supplements that will change the flavor of ejaculate (I even think they came in different flavors - berry and whatnot).

But maybe a question - do you like to swallow? Is it something that turns him on? Would it detract from the sex to handle it another way (i.e. ejaculate on your chest, back, tummy, whatever)?
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I've been informed that curry has an effect on the taste.
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Twinkies, Pineapple, and other such foods sweeten the taste. He should also drink more water, wash his johnson more, and eat more pineapple. It'll take about an hour for the pineapple to affect his love juice but that's the sacrifice he'll have to make.
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I've also heard that drinking coffee and smoking have a negative effect on the taste. I don't want to say anything, ahem, incriminating, but let's just say I definitely believe coffee is a culprit.
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Honestly, while certain foods can affect the taste of semen, I believe their influence is so minimal that it wouldn't matter. Sure, I've noticed a difference in tastes before, sometimes it's a little more sweeter*, sometimes a little more bitter, but it was always very subtle. However, I haven't had a vast number of partners, so who knows, YMMV. ;>

During my first relationship, when I first started swallowing, I would get an upset stomach afterwards every time. There are two things that helped: eating or drinking something shortly afterwards, and time.

Again, in the beginning, I would feel pretty miserable afterwards from a stomach ache on occasion, that I started actually bringing juice and a small snack with me to consume post-blowjob. I loved giving head, and despite the ache I enjoyed swallowing, so I was determined to get over it.

And I eventually did. After several months, my stomach simply got used to the taste, and it never bothered me again throughout the rest of our 5 year relationship, or with any of my relationships that followed.

So to sum up my advice: bring some juice or crackers to eat during your down time afterwards, and give your stomach a few months to warm up to your boyfriend's semen. ;) Hope everything works out for you!

*Oh yah, and there was one occasion where his semen tasted sweeter and we thought we knew what it was. He had eaten a lot of pineapple the night before, so if you really want to give the food thing a shot, my suggestion is pineapple.
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Do you get a stomach ache even, uh, if you don't taste the ejaculate? (Bypass the tongue?) You could work on that technique if the flavor itself is what's making your stomach turn.
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Vegetarians taste so much better!
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Semen itself is very simple in content, btw (mostly protein and some sugars; it's providing fuel for the sperm) so if he can change the taste you should be alright -- your stomach won't turn if the turning is happening in response to the taste. To clarify, the answer above means DO NOT eat asparagus; it's one of the most famous bitterness enhancers.
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And vegans even better than vegetarians ;)
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Vegetarians taste so much better!

It's true. Since becoming vegetarian I've found that my taste is so much better that I don't even need to pull out anymore. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I accidentally facialed myself.
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More water, less coffee.
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