Is there a widget for Yahoo! Widgets in that can embed/display a webpage?
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Is there a widget for Yahoo! Widgets in that can embed/display a webpage?

I'm looking for a Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator) widget that I can embed a website in to be displayed. I want functionality similar to the Netvibes "Web Page" module that can display any website given its URL.

(Ultimately, I'd like to use this for several things: to see my 30Boxes calendar [by displaying the page], to keep track of my To Do list also at 30B, to view gamecasts on my desktop, etc).

I searched both Google and the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery (which is always fairly useless and painful to navigate). Other suggestions?
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I hesitate to suggest it, as you've specifically asked for Yahoo and Google solutions, but if you're running XP, Windows has offered 'Active Desktop' since win98, which actually works quite well for this purpose (I have previously used it to display an online to-do list, which sounds very similar to what you're trying to accomplish).

Here's the microsoft knowledge base article on the subject.
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ag, it looks like the Konfabulator implies you're on a mac -- apologies if you are
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nope -- Windows XP -- Yahoo Widgets is multiplatform.

Active desktop doesn't really work -- too large a space and not manipulable enough.
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You realize you can split up AD objects into multiple windows, control their size, dock them permanently to the desktop and other fun things, right? (Like remove all chrome, so it's just a paneless window.)

I'd suggest you take another look at Active Desktop; it seems like it really may be what you're asking for.
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