I want to do the Time Warp again!!
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I recently moved to Palm Bay, Florida from Ohio. In the process I left behind a beloved bi-weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show...er...showing. I've searched and searched for a cast that is closer than Orlando, but I've had no luck. If there does happen to be a local cast that I don't know about, can someone point me their direction? Alternatively...how difficult would it be to start up a cast/plan showings?

I'm going to be around for at least two years. So I'm not planning on being gung-ho for a month and then quitting. Rocky Horror was a big part of my life back in Ohio and I miss it dearly. I'm willing to work hard for this. I'm just curious about things like start-up costs, how difficult it would be to get permission to show it or obtain a print, etc. etc.
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The Rocky Horror Fan Club has some ideas. You've probably seen this, but it seems like a good first step.
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what part of ohio do you live in?
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oh duh. sorry. cold medicine must be kicking in.
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must be columbus
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since you're that much into it, i suggest you go whole hog and mount your own production. that's what dr. furter would do.
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I'm pretty damn sure that the Metro Cinema Cafe on New Haven in Melbourne used to do something (still does?), but IANA Rocky Horror fan so I'm not 100% sure. I just vaguely remember seeing ads in Florida Today in the entertainment section from time to time.

In any event, after further googling ("Rocky horror" brevard) it looks like a cast is doing it at Surfside in Cocoa Beach October 26. Not exactly bi-weekly but it's something.

Good luck! If you have any questions about the area I'd be happy to try to help.
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Woo, thanks gatorae. I'll definitely be going. The Metro did have a Rocky cast in bygone days, but no more.
I suspect I'll be attempting to put together a cast and such in the coming weeks.
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re: Creating a cast...
I've done it (noodlehoops in Nyack, NY, Inside Insanity in Paramus, NJ) and have been in casts as as either a guest, or in putting together special shows (colleges and such). Also, being in NY I know a lot of the old guard, and have talked to them extensively about this stuff.

I can give you some advice...
If you can find a theatre that is currently playing it, that is the easiest. If not, start looking at local independents first, the chains tend not to be as helpful.
They need to get a copy of the film, and be willing to run it, etc, etc...
Starting from scratch is the hardest, as you need to convince the owner that you are going to be able to make them enough money to pay Fox for the film, and pay the staff to stay till 2a cleaning up.

However if you find a place showing it, start going every week, and see if there are any regulars - i.e. anyone that is there every time you are. Getting a cast that shows up consistently is harder than you think. Most of the cast is usually younger, and may not have transportation to the show every week, or have issues with being out that late, etc, etc...

Talk to them, see if they are interested in doing it.
Assign parts.
Practice in your basement.
Get costumes (you don't have to be screen-accurate at first, but at least have the basics - fishnets, a Janet Dress, some lingerie that is comfortable for floorshow, a Frank Cape, couple of cheap feather boas (or at least one that you can hand off as you come off your scene in floorshow), featherduster for Magenta... etc)

Keep going to the shows every week. Start talking to the Manager at the time, and see if they might be receptive to y'all shadowing the screen. I can tell you that screens are NOT cheap, so be prepared to make some agreement that you will help police the theatre for unruly audience - i.e. people throwing things towards the screen or spraying the screen with water ("Throw up and back, not forward").
Prepare to still pay for the priviledge of doing the show.. frankly if your cast is 15people, then the owner might be more amiable to letting up front if you are still putting money in thier pocket.

Make your first official show Halloween weekend, and advertise the hell out of it - flyers, myspace, local high schools and colleges, heck the local Halloween parade if it exists.
Make your first start to end show two weeks prior to see what works and what doesn't.

- Print up a newsletter/rule sheet.
(Feel free to plagiarize me (I'm the Something-Or-Other mentioned)
(i.e. Dont walk up on "stage", don't throw stuff at the screen, no sex in the fire exits, there is no rule 6)
- Do a pre-show where someone stands up, and goes over the rules, and starts up the crowd, don't try to do anything cute like a drag show or clue when you are starting out, but find someone who is dynamic, friendly, and is loud.
Pop cherries for 2 or 3 virgins...the rest mark with a V on thier cheek or foreheads.. popping virgins are boring for most of the audience, but you have to do it, so make it quick.

Wow.. this was waaay too long.
I'll leave it at this then :-)

Oh - and afterwards, go to a 24h diner.. it's tradition (Hey look - we're famous, and in the official FAQ)
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:) thank you so much! That's just the kind of answer i was hoping I'd get.
So I'm definitely going to go forward with this, even though it's going to be tough.
Thank you for all the help!!!
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Good luck - it is a lot of work putting a cast together, but it's also a lot of fun during the show!

And him me up on email when you get going, I am down that way a lot, and would love to see the show!
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