Where to park a uhaul in boston overnight?
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anyone know of a monitored parking lot we can leave a small uhaul (14') overnight in cambridge, ma? it's 10' tall, so parking garages are out.

i realize that we can put a lock on the back of the truck and leave it parked in the street, but that leaves us a bit anxious. honestly, anywhere there's a t-stop nearby would work, so we can extend things out into boston as well. anyone have a better solution?
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Try the gas stations in the area. Most of them rent parking spots on a nightly/monthly basis.
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Maybe the whole foods lot on Prospect St.? After 6pm it's free parking, open to the public, I always park there when I go into Central Square for a show at the Middle East. I've never left a car there overnight though.

Here's a map.
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Most self-storage places have fenced-in areas for RVs, they might allow you to do a one nighter.
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The only place I can think of that has 24 hour monitored parking is PreFlight Parking in Chelsea. It's $17/night and there's a free shuttle to Logan. There's a few in East Boston, too, around the same price and with the airport shuttle.
It's not ideal location-wise, but it's definitely monitored 24hrs a day -- you can only get in by using the gate.
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I had to do this once in a different town. I parked it in the police station parking lot (I went in and asked first). Failing that, they may have suggestions for you.

(Remember, they are there to protect and serve.)
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Faced with the same issues, I found that backing up the truck to a wall is great security.
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thanks for all the advice.

we ended up calling preflight parking a couple times in advance to make sure our u-haul was *really* okay. still got a 'what the f' look from the manager when we pulled up. he was very nice though and let us park our truck over by the bus lot.

when we went to pick up the truck the next morning a different manager decided we should be charged at double the rate, very uncool.
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