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Toronto transit filter: What does "299 St. Clair West" mean?

Myself and my husband must hear this phrase on the (Toronto) subway approaching 10 times a week. I'm guessing the answer is not very interesting, but for the sake of our curiosity, does anyone know what it means?
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"299" is a code for an event or a requirement (but I'm not sure what). St. Clair West means the St. Clair Avenue station on the western line.
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Best answer: It's a call for mechanics
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Best answer: I just found out about 4: 299 is a call for line mechanics, 143 is a call for the chief supervisor, 722 calls the mechanic team inspecting the tracks, 161 calls route-planning specialists.
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Also, no Dipsomaniac, there is a station called "St Clair West" on the Spadina line-- it's not the western line of the St Clair station, but a different station altogether.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. It (seems to be) always St. Clair West we hear ... I shudder to think why hey need mechanics so often.
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The track along St Clair West is currently being rebuilt, so I can imagine all sorts of small mechanical issues happening.
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Best answer: An extremely complete list of these codes is over at Transit Toronto.
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There's a code for when someone jumps the tracks, too, though it doesn't seem to be in that list.
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Not to hijack, but I also have a TTC question:

Why is there water running along some of the TTC streetcar tracks all the time? I'm thinking specifically in the King/Spadina area, along King there always seems to be water flowing down the tracks. Where does it come from? Where is it going? Why is it there?

If I'm hijacking, I'm sorry!
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The water reduces the godawful squealing noise that streetcars make when they go around corners.
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Oh, man. Can we get some of that water action in Philly, please?
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Wow. A couple of lifetimes ago when I lived in Toronto, my boyfriend and I made a little dubby counterpoint out of:

"Ninety-nine. Nine nine, ninety-nine. Ninety-nine, nine nine."


"Attention, subway patrons: we have an emergency situation northbound on the Yonge-University-Spadina line. Emergency crews are on the scene and service is expected to resume shortly."

We'd swap off and work in some interesting vocal rhythms.

I haven't thought about that for years. Thanks, jamesonandwater!
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