Help me enjoy this variation of the sweet, sweet tobacco leaf.
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Health Advocates Need Not Apply: Is there an American equivalent to Silk Cut cigarettes?

I know I can order them online for a very large premium, but I thought there might be an American cigarette with a similar formulation.

No, I'm not a full time smoker, but I do enjoy smoking from time to time, and I've always liked Silk Cuts when I was in the UK, so I was hoping for a similar American brand.
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I would also be very interested in this...

Flavor-wise, I've found that Camel Light are similar, but a little more harsh, however, easily found in any gas station. I smoked Silk Cuts when I lived in London for awhile and coming back to the US it was hard to switch back to Camel Lights but they have a very similar smell - a little more harsh, but the smell helps a lot. I've pursued a few online places for shipping them over, which are extremely costly, but worth it in the end (in my opinion) if I limit myself to two cartons a year and store them in the freezer and only smoke them for "special" times - or times where I'm feeling nostalgic for the UK.
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from Google
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When I smoked - I was always able to find silk cuts at any smoke shop. Do you live outside of a major metro? I never found an American cigarette that rivaled my European favorite Dunhill Reds. Mmmmm Dunhill reds....
You might have an easier time finding Export As. They are Canadian. They come in many strengths - the lighter blues are going to be closer to silk cuts than the greens.
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I would try Nat Sherman. You're east coast, that should be easy to find. Their website has descriptions of each of their offerings. I find that they taste most like good tobacco smells.
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I have a couple of packs, if you want them I'll send them to you. I bought them at Christmas, for a coworker I decided not to be nice to. They haven't been in the freezer, but they have been in a dark drawer in a coolish room. I can't guarantee that they're good, but say you want them and they're yours.
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Response by poster: Awesome, crab. Send me your email address I'll send you my details.
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Try Black Death. They are very smooth and not harsh at all.
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Do you still want these? Emailed the address in your profile and didn't hear back..
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Too late! We smoked them!
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