Bike Trails Near Moab
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Bike rental & trails around Moab, UT
I'll be looping into UT thru Zion, Bryce to stay in the Moab area for a couple of days & want to rent a couple of mountain bikes to do some trails. Anyone care to recommend a good local bike shop & some 'must do' trails? And I'll be in Yellowstone/Tetons in a couple of weeks...any rental/trail recommendations around there? [bit more within]

I'm a reasonable MTBer altho' I only have hiking expeience of the type of terrain in southern UT. I'm not so fit as I was due to not enough bike use in the past 6 months (been travelling away from my UK home & bike). I have a Dodge camper so transport isn't a problem.

Any other local recomendations for a visitor? I was in Moab in '98 & stayed in Arches NP, ate at the Moab Brewery & drove the River Road but that's all. Spent a weekend in Yellowstone in '97 but only drove...
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I was passing through Moab in March and ate at this great Mexican restaurant I can't remember the name of, but the slogan is, "There's no CAN in our MEXICAN." It's right on the main drag, can't miss it, amazing fish tacos. Saw a lot of bike rental shops near it, but didn't stop so I can't recommend any. Have a great trip!
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Slickrock trail is s'posed to be where it's at for biking.
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i was just in Moab over spring break. this is the thread that i started on the topic and some good answers followed. gottabefunky just wrote a tour book and probably would have some suggestions.

i would recommend the hike to Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands. i did it before sunset and it was wonderful.

Zax Pizza (i think that's the name) was really really good and it's on the main downtown strip.
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i_cola... here's the phone book:

Chile Pepper Bike Shop
550-1/2 N Main
MOAB, UT 84532 - 2129
(435) 259-4688

Rim Cyclery
94 W 100 North
MOAB, UT 84532 - 2322
(435) 259-5333

Western Spirit Cycling
478 Millcreek Dr
MOAB, UT 84532 - 2848
(435) 259-8732

I seem to remember a Poison Spider bicycles, but don't know if it's still there. It's been too long. :(
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