Need help finding an sci-fi story.
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Seeking out a sci-fi short story I read some time ago and would like to find again.

I remember some details to the story. It was set in present or near future. It had a cold-war feel to it.

There was some form of alien or just strange life found that the Russians had locked up in a massive installation that some how got loose. The monster left a trail of destruction where all that was left of people were their bones.

There was some form of drug running via a secret lake at the south pole that involved some form of portal.

At the end a few people, mainly high up politicians are evacuated some how via another portal, and the story ends with one of the main characters morose, sitting out side one of the big domed habitations they were all now living in.
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Could it be A Colder War?
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Is it The Atrocity Archive, a short novel by Charles Stross? (That link goes to "The Atrocity Archives", which includes both "Atrocity Archive" and a sequel novella.) It's a mix of cold-war style spy thriller and H.P. Lovecraft-style horror. It has alien entities, Russians, secret lakes.

One of Stross's short stories might have had similar themes, but I can't remember for sure.
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My vote for "A Colder War" as well.
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It's "A Colder War" by Stross. "The Atrocity Archive" takes the same idea (Lovecraft meets spy stuff) and expands it. But TAA is more of a darkly humorous satire while ACW is pure existential horror.

For those who have read "The Atrocity Archives" and it's follow-up "The Jennifer Morgue": I believe CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN starts in a few days!!
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Thanks, that would be it! You guys rock.
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Just finished reading it, thanks to this post. Pretty interesting.
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