Things to do in or near Southwest Harbor / Acadia NP?
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Things to do in or near Southwest Harbor / Acadia NP , Maine this rainy weekend with a 5 year old and a 75 year old in tow?

Off to Maine with our son and my mom. Staying at a B&B in S.W. Harbor. Weather looks pretty crappy. Biking is out, hiking options are limited with grandma. We’ve got the Jordan Pond House on our list, of course. We’ll do the loop road, and look at Thunder Hole and Awe Inspiring Coastal Rock Formation #374, probably in the rain. We’ll drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain, probably in the rain. We’ll eat lobster, probably, well, you get the idea.

I need other stuff to do. Crappy weather + lack of stuff to keep us busy + my mom in the back seat being, well, my mom = Bondcliff goes insane.

Museums? Cool little stores? We especially like unique music and toy shops, and the kind of stores that sell old glass Coke bottles and antique toboggans. We like awe inspiring coastal rock formations. We like taking tours of places.

Also looking for good places to eat that are somewhat kid friendly.

Please don’t suggest Perry’s Nut House, unless you can first suggest a shop that sells incendiary grenades. Thanks.
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Drop by Helen's in Machias and have some the rain.
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You might take one of lelilo's tours out of Bar Harbor. I am not my brother's keeper or I would know what boat he's on.
email him if he doesn't show up here.

Or you could buy his book if it's too rainy.
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There's a HUGE used book store in a converted chicken barn just up the road in Ellsworth. I've spent hours in there. If you like used books and antiques it's wonderful.

Have a great visit to Maine, bruthah!
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Don't just eat the lobsters, study them.
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On your way up or back, you can stop at the Owls Head Transportation Museum, just south of Rockland. They have a Vintage Motorcycle Meet & Antique Aeroplane Show this Sunday.

Oh, and it looks like it might not be a total rainout this weekend, you'll just need to plan so you can dodge the raindrops.
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I was going to say the Oceanarium. So many Mainers! We were just in BH two weekends ago and I'm really regretting I didn't know about lelilo's tours, or I would have tried to do one.

I was going to recommend a schooner sail, great for all the
ages you're with, but in the rain, not so much.

The Abbe Museum downtown is good, but maybe best kept short for the 5 year old's benefit.

Ice cream at Ben and Bill's. I'm pretty sure their four ice cream parlors are the best of their kind in the world.

We loved catching a move at Reel Pizza Cinerama, where you can lounge out on a couch and eat a really great freshly made pizza while watching whatever movie they're showing.

I think you'll love the shopping there, and you can probably count on that for at least half a day or even a full day, with a lunch to relax with. There are a ton of the kinds of tours you describe, and a couple good bookstores which will eat up some nice leafing time. Geddy's was a fun, reasonably priced place for lunch for all ages, with a free prize if you color the placemat (adults too). But there are just dozens of places that'll work.

For rock formations, take the park shuttle to Sand Beach and you can clamber around on the rocks on either side of the sandy cove. Much fun. You can also ride the free park shuttles all around the island for dry, relaxing sightseeing.

Note to self: get rich quick scheme. Start rainy-day attraction in Bar Harbor. Rock climbing gym? Arcade? Pirate-themed experience? (heads to drawing board).
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Abbe Museum


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So many Mainers!

And former Mainers. Assuming you ever stop being one if you're raised there.
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Depending on the raindrop-dodging, Acadia is covered in "carriage trails" - which is code for very easy hiking/walking.

Also - it is maybe even worth it in the rain - is Fort Knox near Bucksport (maine gov link). It is sort of on your way to/from Acadia, too. It is a neat old mid-1800s granite fort and fun to walk around. I know I enjoyed that when I was ~5yrs old.

(I second the Owls Head Transportation Museum, too)
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If you go to Fort Knox, be sure to go up the new bridge to the observation deck. Spectacular view.
(Well, it wasn't raining when I went up- if the clouds aren't too low it still should be good)
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