Bandwidth throttling / traffic shaping on Fedora Core 6
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How do you set up bandwidth throttling / traffic shaping on Fedora Core 6?

We have at server here at the office running Fedora Core 6. The server is mainly used as a Web and file sharing server. (I.e.: It is not used as an network authentication server or as a DHCP server.)

The servers, including that one, and all our workstations are all connected to a switch, then a small D-Link router, the DSL modem, and finally, of course, the Internet. We run test Web sites on our server which clients can access from the outside.

We are trying to limit how much outgoing bandwidth the server can use when a client connects to our server. We only have one DSL line for now, and with 15 people on the network, things can get slow. When clients connect to our server, it doesn't help.

I tried setting up bandwidth throttling / traffic shaping on the Fedora Core 6 server. First, how do you call it? "Bandwidth throttling" or "traffic shaping"?

After a read a bit of documentation about iproute, shorewall, iptables, and trickle, frankly, I'm more at a loss than before. Is it possible to just use iptables to set it up? We also have Webmin installed on it -- can I do it with that? Any recommendations?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Is this previous AskMe relevant?
posted by stopgap at 6:30 AM on August 23, 2007

I thought it wasn't, until the other sysadmin said only throttling for Apache was necessary -- no other services. In this case, I already know how to set that up and I just wasted a question on Metafilter. Awww... Game over.

Thanks for the link, stopgap!
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