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How to select and buy PCI card with PS/2 port for older keyboard


I need to connect a PC keyboard (MS Natural, not Elite) with PS/2 termination to my PC, but the PC lacks a PS/2 port. I've tried a PS/2 to USB adapter, including one from as recommended, but some keys then stick or don't work correctly.

I know I can buy a PCI slot card that has a PS/2 port, but I've been unable to find a) which is the right one for my PC (Dell Dimension 9100) and b) where to buy it.

Oddly, no one seems to make a USB keyboard with the exact layout as the original MS Natural keyboard. I'm using their Ergonomic 4000 model, and it sucks.

I have Googled this, used Yahoo answers, and asked the tech support gurus at my work, but no good answers. Ideas?
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How does this or this look?

How were the PCI cards that you tried not right for your computer? Usually all PCI cards work as long as you have a PCI slot on your motherboard, regardless of the computer maker.
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As mando said, PCI is a universal architecture among modern PCs. If you've seen cards that don't find into your PC, they were probably older, 16-bit ISA cards (example).

The second card mando posted might not work, since it's not a PCI card -- it simply sits in a PCI slot and connects to a USB connector on your motherboard. In other words, it's an overglorified PS/2->USB converter. But the first one looks perfect.
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Yikes, good call ori.
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You can buy a PS/2 to USB adaptor for $10 or so at places like Best Buy.
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Sorry. I missed that you have tried the adaptor already. If you tried the adaptor, you might try checking the settings on it when connected, as it may be set for a different keyboard type.
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Awesome, thanks. Despite my endless searching, I did not find that on NewEgg or anywhere else.

This is what I was looking for.

@slavin: Thanks, I tried two adapters, neither had any settings options.
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