What web-related convention should I take a business trip to?
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My employer has given me the ability to take one business trip this year, to the convention of my choice, for knowledge gathering etc... I'm a web designer / developer. What conventions should I be looking at? I know about seybold / macworld, but I was looking for something more web-specific. Any suggestions?
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Something of a tangent . . . TypeCon2004
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Personally I'd kill to go to one of the PHP conferences.
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I highly recommend Adaptive Path's workshops. This one in particular looks like it's going to be great.
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if only you had known earlier you could have signed up for this
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Java One is cushy. From what I hear, they have tons of gifts, massages, etc. I haven't heard anything about the content one way or the other. :)
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JavaOne is far less cushy these days with Sun teetering on the edge of bankruptcy than it was in the heyday of the dot-com boom. San Fran is a great place to go to a conference, though.

If you're a programmer type more than a designer type, I thought the content at OOPSLA was far better than at JavaOne, though a lot more wonky and technical. JavaOne has a lot of marketing hype and product launches, and tells what you the state of the art is today and will be two months from now. OOPSLA is mostly experimental products and academic papers and tells you what the state of the art will be two or five years from now. It's in Vancouver this year, another nice city to visit.
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FlashForward is being held in NYC from July 7-9, 2004 for you Flash freaks.

And South by SouthWest (SXSW) is held every March in Austin, Texas, but I hear it can be less about actual techie things than it is about schmoozing, drinking, and meeting the technorati. :-)
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