Ghost Texting from Nowhere
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I want to have an SMS sent to someone automatically at a later date. Recommend a reliable service to me?

I want to text my sweetheart on her birthday while I am at Burning Man and I don't want to deal with the slim possibility of finding any internets on the playa. Searching brings up some services, but they seem geared towards 100's of messages, are in the UK(USA here), cost money or just seem questionable. You folk got the goods for me? I'm happy to pay; maybe up to $5 at the most for <5 messages.

I'm hoping to send one on the minute of her birth, and then a few at some intervals to (badly)seem like I'm responding to her replies. I won't really have time to fiddle and test so I want to know the site works as promised before I pony up.

Oh, and I'm not sure what network she's on atm, if it matters.
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How about this.
Download a Macro recording software. Create a macro that will browse to a SMS sending website, create a text, fill out the form and click send.
Then create a schedule.
Yes, it'll take some time to learn and figure out.
Test with your own cell phone to make sure :)
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Best answer: I use Don't Forget
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Response by poster: Thanks Megafly. Works like a charm.

And PowerCat: macros. HaHa, HoHo, HeeHee. Yur funny. Thanks for trying though :)
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I use
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You might have to add your number- seems from the faq that some people don't get it.

i tested it with sprint and it works for me- without adding the number.

you should, just to be safe, check which cell carrier she has...
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Best answer: Add number here

check which carrier she has Here
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Response by poster: Thanks Izzmeister, I found out it's T-mobile and I did check and add just to be sure.

She's gonna be thrilled. She's recently (nicely)snarked to a few folks that I won't be calling her that day. Little does she know my internet prowess!
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