Need to find seat covers -- not slipcovers -- for dining room chairs.
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I have a great mid-century dining set that I finally have the room to use (yay!). However, I don't like how the chairs were reupholstered in the '80s, but won't have the chance to (re-)reupholster them till next year. So I need seat covers -- NOT slipcovers! -- in the meantime. This has turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Help!

Again, I am not looking for a slipcover like this, though that seems to be nearly all that's available. I want something to simply cover the seat itself -- but this is so far the only example I can find, and I'd like to have a little more selection to choose from. Any other resources?

Also, I hate crafts projects -- so please, no suggestions that I sew or otherwise make anything myself. I would rather stick a glue gun in my eye.
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I'm almost in that situation (mid-century designed, never been recovered). It may be just as simple as pulling off the cushions, get fabric to cover it (this is where it gets crafty), then cut it so it just goes to the underside of the cushion on all sides, then use a staple gun. I'd suppose that's how it works, or at least on TV.

Anyone else have any real experience doing this particular thing?

(sorry to hijack, by the way)
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I get that you hate craft projects, but truly, covering those seats yourself will take just as little time and effort as tying your example seat covers onto them would. And no sewing or glue guns involved. Assuming it's just temporary, buy whatever fabric you like, cover the seat (which you will have removed from the rest of the chair) with it, and staple gun it on neatly. Then put the seat back onto the chair. Ta-da! I would recommend removing the old fabric and possibly replacing the cushion if this wasn't temporary, but that would be getting awfully crafty for a short-term solution. :)
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Are the seats like the ones in the pics or are they basically wrapped seats that screw into the chair?

I know you said that you're not into the whole Martha Stewart thing, but all you seriously have to do is staple gun some fabric to the cushions (assuming that they're removable) and be done with it. Look here to see what I mean.
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Maybe this from Pier One? It has padding, but also the skirt.
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(I really didn't mean to post something that was out of stock. Sigh. Sorry.)
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First off: the cushions are not easily removable.

Secondly: I really, truly have absolutely no time and no interest to do anything to them except tie on some decent-looking covers till I have the time and funds to take them to a professional to have them reupholstered in vintage fabric -- which I literally won't even have time to go shopping for till next year. I'm swamped with work (nights and weekends, included) for the next six months and am scrambling just to find the time to pack for my move. Under no circumstances am I adding fabric shopping to the mix.

On preview: occhiblu! So close, yet so far! In any case, that's exactly what I have in mind.
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Hmmm, a few more here and here (some overlap on the links).
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I have some like these and they are easy to use to cover over your existing cushions.
Similar chair covers here and here.
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