Can you recommend good resources for journalists covering same-sex marriage?
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CBC's Indepth: Same Sex marriage - mostly Canadian focus, but also includes a world timelime. Also has links to CBC coverage of same-sex marriages in those provinces where it is now legal.
posted by jb at 10:26 PM on May 3, 2004

A few feeds used or noted by my librarian friends: gay marriage aggregator [rss] for Massachusetts news. Also this Marriage Group Feed on Blogdigger [rss]
posted by jessamyn at 7:53 AM on May 4, 2004

For Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon is one of the primary litigants and keeps up a good info stream.

Other Portland media might be b!X's Portland Communique. It's simply the best tracking blog of any local Portland issue and he did a great job on following all the angles in the Oregon cases.
posted by karmaville at 8:44 AM on May 4, 2004

Derek's Justly Married photographs capture the euphoria of San Francisco's magical February.
posted by heather at 11:15 AM on May 4, 2004

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