What should we call our fake Eating Club?
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What's a good name/slogan for a fake Canadian vegetarian eating club?

A few friends and I live alone or sort-of alone in the same area in Montreal. We've decided that, in order to avoid being total hermits during the cold winter months, we need to have some sort of regular, floating dinner party. I was reminded of eating about eating clubs, and I thought it would be fun if we adopted some sort of ridiculous, snooty-Ivy-league pretensions- had a special name, crest and Latin slogan. We're all in our early 20's, live around mile-end, we're pretty literate English majors, the food's going to be vegetarian, etc. I thought that maybe the irony-loving hivemind could come up with some good suggestions for the name, the things on the crest and the Latin (something along the lines of Infinite Jest's "Te occidere possunt sed te edere non possunt nefas est"/"They Can Kill You, But the Legalities of Eating You Are Quite a Bit Dicier"). Thanks in advance!
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My grandfather belongs to a gentleman's social club in Montana called (seriously) the Bucket of Blood. They even have an oil painting hung in their meeting hall of... a bucket of blood.

Considering your vegetarian tendencies, I can't think of what would be more fun and eyebrow raising than regular gatherings under this banner.

Whatever name you pick, don't forget to make reservations ahead of time under it.
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Since you live in Mile end/Plateau Mont Royal, you could call your club "Le Plateau Vert", or the Green Tray.

Just a thought.
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¿Grand temps, eh? or something along those lines.
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Nice one, cog_nate, but the french doesn't work that way. It would be pronounced "granh tanh ay".
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(Yeah, I was afraid there'd be some kind of problem there. Say La Vee.)
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Le Grand Légume?
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"To Serve Vegetarians"

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- Alimentary, My Dear Watson
- Magister artis ingeniique largitor venter (Necessity is the mother of invention, lit. "The belly is the teacher of art and giver of wit")
- "Accio feedbucket!"
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I'm just spitballing here, this is by no means proper latin, but it is kind of fun to throw vegetables into the old maxims.

'Veni Vidi Vegetable'
'Vegetables vos liberabit.'
Vegetables set you free.
Virtus est medium aristidis.
Virtue is a middle course between vegetables
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funny, that's exactly what I did with my friends when I was in my 20s, living right where you do!

How about: Plateau-mobile
('moving plate' also referring to the Plateau region).
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A: The wheelchair.

One reference is to Infinite Jest.
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That was dumb. I was trying to be obscure or cryptic or something.

Q: What's the hardest part about eating vegetables?

A: The wheelchair.

There's also a potential callout to the wheelchair assassins of Infinite Jest.
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Along the lines of some of the Princeton eating clubs, you could name it Maple Club or Maple Inn. Or whatever their French equivalents are.
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"The Ivy League" or "The Eat the Ivy League" in honour of the eating club's roots, so to speak.
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